Discover the Ultimate Cleanse: The Benefits of Degree Body Wash

Degree Body Wash

The Degree is a brand name marketed under the brand ‘Rexona.’ Rexona is a deodorant and antiperspirant brand which originated in Australia. The multinational global company Unilever owns Rexona. Rexona markets under several names throughout different countries. It is known as Rexena in Japan and South Korea, Sure in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and India, Shield in South Africa, and Degree in the United States.

Rexona was created in Australia in 1908 by Alice Sheffer, the wife of Samuel Fuller, who established the Sheldon Drug Company. Unilever took over this company in about 1930. The company introduces various types of body care products. One of their best product is the Degrees Maximum Recovery Body Wash and Soak for men.

Degree Body Wash

Degrees Maximum Recovery Body Wash and Soak is a specially formulated body wash targeting athletic people. The body wash cleanses and refreshes the skin leaving it with a long-lasting fresh scent for up to 12 hours. This degree body wash is specially targeted for active people; the body wash is made with Epsom Salt, Electrolytes, Amino Acids, and a mood-boosting fragrance to help feel refreshed after showering,

This body wash helps reset muscles and ease tension after every shower. Degrees Maximum Recovery Body Wash and Soak is dermatologist tested paraben free, and the products’ bottles are made from 100% recycled plastics.

Benefits of using Degree Body Wash


Helps with sore muscles: Degree Body Wash is formulated for active people. When soaked with hot water, the ingredients present in the body wash, like Epsom Salt, Electrolytes and Amino Acids, give off a refreshing feeling and help ease sore muscles. 

Refreshing: The mind-boosting fragrance technology in the body wash gives off a long-lasting fresh scent lasting up to 12 hours. The fragrance of this body wash helps you feel refreshed and smell good for a more extended period.  

Leaves you with a feeling of being clean: The deep cleansing formula of the Degree body wash leaves the skin fresh and hydrated. Whether you use the body wash early in the morning or after a workout, degree body wash leaves you feeling fresh and squeaky clean. 

Helps relax sore muscles: Degree body wash contains active ingredients like Epsom Salt, Electrolytes and Amino Acids, which help to heal the body internally. When mixed, these ingredients help relax the muscle and ease stiffness and muscle aches. 

Specially formulated for active people: Degree body wash is formulated for busy people. The active ingredients in this body wash help ease muscle aches and stiffness commonly found around comparatively more engaged people than most.


Degree deodorants and antiperspirants are designed chiefly for athletic and active people. The company Degree tops the chart of the world’s No.1 antiperspirant, deodorant, and shower and bath products to help you relax after every bath. 

The Degree body wash is specially formulated to cleanse and refresh the skin thoroughly. The active ingredients present in this body wash, like Epsom Salt, Electrolytes and amino acids, helps to soothe sore muscles and muscle stiffness with ease. With added charcoal on the Degree body wash, the ingredients present in the body wash get deep into the skin and help you relax. 

The mood-boosting fragrance technology of the product leaves the body with a refreshing smell that lasts up to 12 hours, helping you feel refreshed and relaxed. The Degree body wash’s deep cleansing formula cleanses the germs and bacteria from the skin. The degree body wash is Dermatological tested and paraben free, so it doesn’t cause any skin-related issues. The degree body wash is safe and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Being dermatologically tested, this body wash is paraben and fragrance-free, which does not create any problems on the skin. 

The body wash makes one feel fresh, clean, and hydrated. The Degrees Maximum Recovery Body Wash and soak is specially designed to last the smell for at least 12 hours after the shower. The active ingredients in this body wash, like Epsom salt, Electrolytes, Amino acids, and mood-boosting fragrance, leave you feeling fresh for at least 12 hours after use.


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