Unlocking the Power of Dettol Body Wash: Your Path to Healthy and Radiant Skin

Dettol Body Wash

Dettol is a brand that creates cleaning disinfectants and antiseptic products. The company was first introduced in 1932 by a British company Reckitt in Germany, sold under Sagrotan. Before 2002, the brand Dettol used to be under the name Dettox. Dettol is a trusted brand that provides various ranges of products for germ protection.

The active ingredient in Dettol provides an antiseptic property: Chloroxylenol, an aromatic chemic compound. Dettol is an anti-bacterial surface cleanser used for self-care and home care. The effective antiseptic solution is used for gentle antiseptic wound cleansing and skin cleansing. Dettol also provides a wide range of products like Antiseptic liquid, Hand wash, soap, Body wash, and many more. Dettol body wash, with its trusted germ protection and refreshing fragrance, has a long-lasting effect on the body. Its anti-bacterial properties keep the body germ free and reduce the chances of flu infection. 

Dettol Body Wash

The citrus fragrance in the Dettol Body Wash leaves the skin feeling refreshed. The crispy menthol, pH-balanced formula keeps the skin’s moisture barrier intact. The body wash cleanses well and does not strip away the natural ingredient of the skin. 

Benefits of using Dettol Body Wash include;

Gives prevention against harmful viruses: The ingredients in the Dettol Body Wash remove the virus from the surface of our skin and prevent it from getting into the body through several different contacts. This prevention of the viruses breaks the chain of infection. Dettol Body Wash gives security against the germs that cause diseases and sickness.

Works as an antiseptic as well: Dettol Body Wash also works as an antiseptic. The ingredients in the body wash work as an antiseptic to kill bacteria that cause diseases. 

Removes skin-related problems: Dettol Body Wash also removes skin problems and infections. This body wash removes skin-related problems like ringworm, warts, allergies and other issues. The ingredients present in the body wash to kill bacteria and also removes skin problems. 

Fights acne and pimples: Dettol Body Wash goes deep into the skin, removes the growth of bacteria, and kills the bacteria present on the skin’s surface.

Helps absorb minerals: Dettol Body Wash helps absorb minerals into the skin. The minerals in the water or soap cannot benefit much as the mineral substances do not reach the inner parts of the skin. This body wash helps in the absorption of minerals into the skin.

Tightens open pores: This body wash is rich in nutrients, antimicrobials and antioxidants that kill bacteria that cause several issues on the skin. 

Dermatalogically recommended: Dettol Body Wash is Dermatalogist recommended as it is proven to protect from 100 illness-causing germs. Dettol Body wash kills bacteria and provides protection against germs which causes different infections and illnesses. The ingredients present in the body wash offer antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which help to prevent several skin-related problems and allergies.


Dettol is a disinfectant and antiseptic-producing company that provides a wide range of antiseptic products. The British company Reckitt introduced the company in 1932 in Germany. Dettol was invented to help doctors to ensure the safety of mothers and babies in the hospital from infectious illnesses. Dettol can be used as a gentle antiseptic for wounds and as well as for skin cleansing. Dettol now provides its customer with a wide range of disinfectants in body wash. Dettol body wash provides germ protection from the flu, and the pleasant fragrance of the body wash leaves the skin feeling refreshed. The anti-bacterial ingredients in the body wash help reduce the chances of getting an infection from the flu by over 60%.

Dettol Body Wash contains several ingredients that help target and fight several different issues in the body. The elements of the body wash are rich in antimicrobial, antioxidants, and nutrients goes deep into the skin and target all the problems from the roots. This body wash helps with skin-related issues like ringworm, allergies, dry skin and even acne. The ingredients in the body wash kill the bacteria present on the surface of the skin, which causes several different issues. 

Dettol Body Wash helps the body absorb the minerals in the water or wash itself. Originally introduced as an antiseptic liquid and disinfectant, Dettol helps the body to stay germ-free from the viruses that cause infections and diseases. This body wash fights harmful microorganisms that can be found in the body. 

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